5th Day Preparation Strategy to Crack Pump Operator

KPSC Pump Operator Exam 2020 will be conducted on the middle of 2021, Aspirants have additional time to revise the syllabus and enhance exam preparation. If the candidates are planning to prepare for the Pump Operator exam in 100 days. Please make sure that the focus should be on revising the question papers only.

Mechanical Previous Questions


#1. The principle of working of radiator in cooling system is to….?

#2. What is the function of Gudgeon pin?

#3. The purpose of catalytic converter is to reduce…?

#4. Which type of wear of cylinder liner takes place due to burning of heavy fuel oil in combustion space?

#5. The piston pins in modern automobile engines are usually…?

#6. Excessive voltage drop between battery and starter motor is due to….?

#7. In an engine, where is the oil pump slump located?

#8. The speed of cam shaft in a four stroke engine is…?

#9. Which of these not related to Compression ignition engine?

#10. Power impulses from the engine are smoothened by…?



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