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KPSC Sub engineer Questions

KPSC Sub Engineer Exam 2021 will be conducted on the middle of 2022, Aspirants have additional time to revise the syllabus and enhance exam preparation.

1. The process by which an emf induced in a DC generator is called.......?
2. The direction of dynamically induced emf in DC generator can be identified by rule of.....?
3. The yoke of a dc machine made of....?
4. The armature of dc machine is made by....?
5. The thickness of laminations of pole core varies from....?
6. In small capacity dc machines the yoke is made up of....?
7. The material used for split ring is....?
8. The number of parallel path in the wave winding of a dc machine is....?
9. High voltage DC machines use ....... winding?
10. The current flowing in the conductor of a DC motor is.....?

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