VSSC Technician B-2021 Answer key

Questions with answer of the written exam Electrical Technician-B conducted on 14/07/2021 .

1. When moisture content of a silica gel in breather saturated, its colour change from…?
2. Soldering is done on wire joints to improve….?
3. In an over compound DC Generator, the voltage regulation is always…?
4. In an AC Circuit the ratio of KVA/KW is…?
5. Q meter is used for measuring which quantity…?
6. Which one of the following belongs to class B insulation?
7. The variation in excitation of synchronous motor running with a given load changes,….?
8. Which of the following is not correct for squirrel cage induction motor…?
9. Damper winding on salient pole alternator is…?
10. A capacitor is connected to DC voltage source, If other capacitance of same value is connected in series, What happens to the charge stored in the first capacitor?
11. What is the rotor current frequency of a 6 pole, 3 phase induction motor running at 950 rpm while connected to 50 hertz supply?
12. Retardation test on a DC shunt motor is used for finding …..Losses?
13. Electrolyte used in Nickel Cadmium battery is…?
14. Which type distribution system is most suitable for Multi- storey building?
15. Which of the following is known as Metal Rectifier?
16. The colour used for the warning sign is…?
17. Which class of amplifier has maximum distortion?
18. Which form of energy is used in tidal power plant?
19. The speed of DC motor can be controlled by varying …?
20. Which one of the following material has the highest specific resistance?
21. According to is 1293-2019, the rated voltage is upto…?
22. The function of a snubber across a power switching device is to….?
23. Flemmings right hand rule is used to find the….?
24. Windings on interpoles are connected in….?
25. A transformer has 400W as iron loss at full load. Hat is the iron loss at half load?

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