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Kerala Water Authority Pump Operator Previous Questions

KPSC Pump Operator Exam 2020 will be conducted on the middle of 2021, Aspirants have additional time to revise the syllabus and enhance exam preparation. If the candidates are planning to prepare for the Pump Operator exam in 100 days. Please make sure that the focus should be on revising the question papers only.

Electrical Previous Questions


#1. Which electronic component is used as a solid state switch...?

#2. Which component is used to measure the engine coolent temperature?

#3. What is the colour of positive plates in the charged lead acid battery?

#4. Battery capacity expressed in rating of...?

#5. Which device used to step up the voltage in the spark ignition system?

#6. Which is the semi conductor materials?

#7. Unit of luminous intensity is?

#8. What is the energy conversion of battery during discharging?

during charging –  electrical energy into chemical energy


#9. Which acid is used in the lead acid battery?

#10. What is the specific gravity range of fully charged battery? ? half charged battery? 1.20 - 1.23

half charged battery? 1.20 – 1.23



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