Kerala High Court Helper Answer key

Direct recruitment to the post of Helper.

Question Paper with answer key of the written exam (Kerala High Court Helper) conducted on 21/02/2021 .


#1. What is the disadvantage of solid compared to stranded conductor?

#2. Which test is conducted to locate the faults in UG cables?

#3. Which law states that in closed electric circuit, the applied voltage is equal to the sum of the voltage drops?

#4. What is the value of resistance in open circuit?

#5. In which device the air capacitors are used?

#6. What is the reciprocal of inductance in AC Parallel circuit?

#7. Which is used as an electrolyte in lead acid battery?

#8. What purpose the hydrometer is used for during charging of battery?

#9. Which part is losing electron during electrolysis?

#10. Which wiring is suitable for temporary installations?

#11. What is the purpose of ELCB ?

#12. Which principle does the earth resistance tester work on?

#13. What is the unit of luminous flux?

#14. Which type of lighting system is used for flood and industrial lighting?

#15. Which is the cold cathode lamp?

#16. Which is an absolute instrument?

#17. Which material is used to make heating element?

#18. What is the purpose of using laminated core in transformer?

#19. What is the purpose of pole shoe in DC generator?

#20. What is the effect of armature reaction in DC generator?

#21. Which type of DC generator is used for electroplating process?

#22. Which type of instrument is used to test the armature winding?

#23. Which rule determines the direction of current in DC motor?

#24. Which type motor is used to provide high starting torque at variable speed?

#25. What is the working principle of single phase induction motor?

#26. What is the reason to use a permanent capacitor in fan motor circuit?

#27. What is the function of damper windings in AC generator?

#28. What is the function of inverter?

#29. What is the purpose of trip coil used in circuit breakers?

#30. Which is the cause for changing the permeability?

#31. Which type of insulator used at the dead ends of the HT overhead lines?

#32. What does ACSR stand for?

#33. Which type of AC transmission is universely adopted?

#34. Which is the correct sequence operation of key button in BOP of AC drives to change the direction of rotation?

#35. Which turbine is used for high head in hydro electric power plant?

#36. Which fuel is available in plenty in india for power generation?

#37. Which energy is converted into electrical energy by generator?

#38. How interpoles are connected in dc generator?

#39. Which insulation material belongs to class B insulation?

#40. Which type od DG motor is used for constant speed drives?

#41. Which type of DCmotor is used for sudden application of heavy load?

#42. What is the phase displacement between windings in 3 phase motor?

#43. Which fault condition thermal over load relay protects AC induction motor?

#44. Which insulation is used for cuffing in AC winding?

#45. Which method is used for lift and move heavy loads?

#46. Which is the physical hazard?

#47. What is the back ground colour of warning signs in the basic category?

#48. Which PPE is used for the protection from fumes?

#49. Which disposal method of waste save lot of energy?

#50. What is the full form of BIS?

#51. Which is the waste disposal method that produce heat?

#52. Which type of occupational health hazard is cause for infection?

#53. Which condition of the victim is referd as COMA stage?

#54. Which is passive element?

#55. What is the purpose of DIAC in power control circuits?

#56. What is the output DC voltage in half wave rectifier, if the input AC voltage is 24 volt?

#57. Which cable ties are used to bunch the wires?

#58. Which circuit the limit switches are used?

#59. which cell is most often used in digital watches?

#60. Which is used positive electrode in dry cell?

#61. Which device converts sun light into electrical energy?

#62. How the capacity of batteries is specified?

#63. Where square wave inverters are used?

#64. Which is the application of automatic stepped voltage stabilizer?

#65. Which is proportional to the torque in DC motor?


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