ACSR Conductors

Short note about ACSR Conductor.

  • Its Full form is Aluminium conductor steel reinforced.
  • It has central core of  Galvanized steel core with one or more layers of aluminum wires stranded outside.
  • Reinforcement is done to increase the tensile strength of aluminum conductor.
  • Steel wire is galvanized to prevent rusting and electrolytic corrosion.
  • The ultimate tensile strength of such conductor is considerably larger than that of equivalent copper conductors and its weight is still about 25% lesser.
  • Conductor gives less sag because of its less weight and high tensile strength.
  • ACSR conductor has larger diameter than any other conductor of same resistance which helps to reduce corona.
  • It is used for transmission lines where the span is more than 100 meters.

Advantages of ACSR Conductors

  • High mechanical strength due to central steel wire.
  • Long spans are possible.
  • Reduces the number poles and other equipment’s.
  • No corona effect.
  • Longer life is possible.
  • Cost is less.
  • Used for overhead transmission lines.

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