Pump Operator Questions

KPSC Pump Operator Exam 2020 will be conducted on the First of 2022, Aspirants have additional time to revise the syllabus and enhance exam preparation.

#1. The Quantity of electric current which may give painful electric shock?

#2. Earthing is necessary to give protection against...?

#3. Full form of BIS?

#4. What is the back ground of warning sign in the safety category?

#5. Which type of fire extinguisher is used for fire on electrical equipments?

#6. The body resistance value of person with normal age and health is about...?

#7. Full form of ISO?

#8. Black boarder with yellow back ground and black symbol indicate which sign?

#9. What is starving in extinguishing fire?

#10. Which type of personal protective equipment is used for the protection from fumes?




  1. Quiz : KPSC-Pump Operator- Basic Electrical
  2. Quiz : KPSC-Pump Operator-Electrical-Fundamentals 1
  3. Quiz : KPSC-Pump Operator-Electrical-Fundamentals 2
  4. Quiz : KPSC-Pump Operator-Electrostatics and Electromagnetism 1
  5. Quiz : KPSC-Pump Operator- Electromagnetism 2
  6. Quiz : KPSC-Pump Operator- Transformer-1

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