Pump Operator Study Materials

13th Day Preparation Strategy to Crack Pump Operator

KPSC Pump Operator Exam 2020 will be conducted on the middle of 2021, Aspirants have additional time to revise the syllabus and enhance exam preparation.

Fundamentals of Electricity: Voltage, Current, Resistance, Energy, Power-Definitions and Units, Ohm’s Law Statement, Simple problems related to Ohm’s law, Power and Energy, Resistance in series and Parallel-Simple problems,Kirchhoff,s law-KCL and KVL.


#1. One volt is same as.....?

V = W/Q

#2. The resistance of an ideal ammeter is.....?

#3. The resistance can be measured most accurately by.....?

#4. Ampere is used to measure......?

#5. The ratio of voltage to current in a closed circuit is......?

Ohms law states that for a given conductor the ratio of voltage to current is constant..

#6. Which of the following is not the same as Watt?

Volt / Ampere = Ohm

#7. Which type of resistor is used for over voltage protection?


#8. With the increase in the cross sectional area of the conductor, the value of resistance .......?

#9. One milli volt will be equal to.....?

#10. The VI characteristics of the diode lie in the......?


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Pump Operator Syllabus

KPSC-Operator Syllabus (Kerala Water Authority)

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